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About Us

We are a non-profit artist collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our focus is creating various educational non-profit charities in support of the arts and education. Registered non-profit organizations have the advantage of community support to further their cause. We are tax-exempt both State and Federal under the tax code 501(c)(3). We are blessed to have help from charity specific lawyers in properly aligning sponsors to support our projects.

Our newest development, RotoCup®, is a creation by our collective to benefit hobbyist and professional artisans. It was inspired by the craft of decorating objects and rotating them as the epoxy coatings harden. Before RotoCup®, your options were products from China, or a large piece of wooden furniture with hefty shipping cost. Then Amazon takes a big cut of your money which drives up the cost.

Artists types typically avoid big corporate profiteers. Our motivation was to improve the typical cup turners with the absolute best tools and lowest price. Structural engineering students(female btw) helped our dream become a reality. We pride ourselves improving things that help people and we hope you love them. We will continue to perfect our designes based on the needs and of our fellow artisans.


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