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Revolutionary Design Breakthrough

3-Cup system $59

6-Cup system $79
Save $39 - just $13 per cup

12-Cup system $149
Save $47 - just $12 per cup

24-Cup system $249
Save $143 - just $10 per cup
Proudly made in the USA
by an Artist Collective Educational Charity

Revolutionary Features:

☻ Modules link for up to 24 cups per drive unit:
Modules connect together to rotate up to 24 cups at once. Our single drive unit has the power to turn all using less energy.

☻ Portable and stores easily:
Each module assembles in a minute. Disconnects easily for storage or transport to craft events.

☻ MagLink cup arms:
Magnetic connector allows adding or removing cup arms without stopping the drive motor. No twisting necessary, just slide on and it securely locks. Each cup can be paused individually with your fingers and it resumes turning when released.

☻ Dual precision sealed-bearing cup arms:
This ensures smooth rotation of oversize growlers or even heavy brick pavers. Each of our hardened steel bearings are frictionless and rated for hundreds of pounds.

☻ Variable-speed and bi-directional drive:
Custom configurable rotation for the desired thickness of your coatings.

☻ Includes adaptors for multiple craft types:
This allows rotation for other creative uses.

☻ Money-back guarantee & lifetime warranty:
Not only satisfaction, prepare for amazement. You will love our products.

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About the Creators

RotoCup® is the highest quality product with the most features. It costs only a fraction of typical cup turners. SEE COMPARISON

These rotational devices are often referred to as a Cup Turner, Cup Rotisserie, Cuptisserie, Tumbler Turner, drying rack. cup spinner, drying rack, cup rotator. Fully compatible with epoxy resin, tumblers, glitter, motors crafts, The Ultimate Cup Turner Kit for Creating Glitter Epoxy Cups and Cup Spinner Crafts.

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