☆ RotoCup® - Comparison of Typical Glitter Epoxy Tumbler Turners

✪   RotoCup®   ✪
Revolutionary Design Breakthrough

Proudly made in the USA
by an Artist Collective Educational Charity

RotoCup® is the highest quality product with the most features. It costs only a fraction of these other kinds below. We are preparing a side-by-side comparison video and you will soon see for yourself.


$350 10 Cup Turner Spinner - Mostly out of stock

$295 5 Cup Epoxy Tumbler Turner Cuptisserie

$129 4 Cup Cuptisserie and MiLefo Cup Turners

$70 Craftisserie Rotisserie Motor Tumbler Turner Machine

Crafters are using the following brands of cups and tumblers.:
YETI, Hydro Flask, RTIC, Pelican, Columbia, CamelBak, Contigo, Klean Kanteen, Sherpa, Thermos, Coleman, Ozark Trail, Brita, Mira, Polar, Luluemon, corkcicle, GSI Outdoors, Pogo, S'well, Nathan, LifeFuels, ZULU, Stanley, Que, Under Armour, Wallmart, Stainless Steel, Tal, Hydro Cell, Manna, Wellness, Brita, Thinksport, Grayl, UpWest, The Coldesat, Ayur, Livana, Salsa, Thor Copper, Pip, Zak, United by Blue, Simple Modern, Built, Hydro-Soul, HydroMate, Riley, Dyln, Gibson Home, Earth Hero, Thrive Market, Pura Kiki, LarQ, Takeya, Jade, Ello Damen, Tari, ROTISSERIE, cuptisserie, Cup Turner, epoxy, tumblers, glitter, motors, resin, MiLefo, spinner, drying rack, crafts, rotate, mug, decorator, paint, flask, Amazon, insulated water bottle

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